Fleas are small flightless insects and external parasites, feeding off the blood of mammals and birds. You can usually find fleas on pets like dogs and cats, but they can also infest carpets, upholstered furniture, pet houses, and your beds, among other areas of your home or business. Not only are fleas irritating, but they can also pose grave health risks. They can transmit harmful parasites like tapeworms, carry serious diseases like typhus and plague, and are responsible for allergic reactions in pets and humans. As such, it’s crucial to avail of professional flea control services as soon as you detect signs of them in your home or place of business.

At Rozen Pest Services, we specialize in providing effective flea control for residential and commercial clients. We leverage our vast experience, advanced equipment, and proven pest control methods to nip the infestation in the bud and prevent further outbursts. Our flea control treatments may include the use of Adulticide or Insect Growth Regulators, which can eliminate fleas effectively. We work to provide customized flea control services that met your home’s unique needs, so your living spaces are secure and pest-free.